As a programmer, it is not uncommon to run into problems that require sorting in one manner or another. Whether it’s filtering through data you want to render on a page or studying data structures and algorithms for your next big interview — sorting is integral.

Here, I focus on merge-sort: an algorithm considered to be one of the most efficient sorting algorithms. Merge-sort works on the principle of divide and conquer. …

As a bootcamp student moving into React, UI/UX and the responsiveness of the applications have become increasingly important.

Ensuring that the UI/UX is the best it can be has become a priority for our Web/Mobile projects. At the end of the day, the users of the tools we build will give the most weight to the usability of the app/website.

From previous projects, I have come to learn why writing Vanilla CSS is typically dreaded by programmers. It is very time-consuming and repetitive.

Let’s say you want to share one of your projects written a year ago with your pal (who happens to be a fellow developer). How would you update the project and ensure that it still runs securely and seamlessly?

A great place to start is within your package.json file.

SQL(Structured Query Language) is a special-purpose language developed to work with relational databases. More specifically it’s used to manage and manipulate data in those databases. While SQL won’t be used to write the next big web application it’s useful in interacting with the database that would power that application. For example, think about Twitter — without the user data, tweets, and follower-following associations that are stored in a database the application wouldn’t exist.

Though SQL has a single purpose, it is very flexible and scalable. …

Before we move on to creating our first database, let‘s examine a common and important principle that all web developers should be familiar with…

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete which are the four basic functions of persistent storage. In SQL, the CRUD Operations are used in the following way:

Both rbenv and RVM are Ruby version management tools aka package managers. A package manager is a collection of software tools that automates the process of installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing computer programs from an OS in a consistent manner. In the Ruby world, RVM is widely accepted as the norm because of it’s wide toolkit. However, a major pro of rbenv is that it’s lighter and more unobtrusive than RVM.

rbenv does…

  • Provide support for specifying application-specific Ruby versions.
  • Let you change the global Ruby version on a per-user basis.
  • Allow you to override the Ruby version with an environment variable.

In contrast with RVM, rbenv does not…

What I know now…

Application Programming Interface(API) is a messenger that takes a request and tells the system what to do.

Take for example, an aggregator website. When you search for a ticket from NYC to LAX it searches all the websites and airlines for the best deals for me.

How is it able to do that? It found all these flights from the databases of other websites that have this information. Remember API’s allows strangers to speak to each other i..e. it allows computers to communicate. …

All companies store data. Whether it is small business storing their record book or a massive company like Google that has petabytes of user data. A database is a collection of data — numbers, dates, password hashes. DB allows us to organize the data in a way that is useful to us. DBMS is a collection of programs that allow users to access DBS and work with data. There are two types of databases that are really popular right now and they are Postgres (relational) and MongoDB(non-relational).

Relational DBs are the most popular.

Relational DBs consist of 2 or more…

As a developer, there are a few things that you should understand about the internet. Knowing what’s happening behind-the-scenes as you browse the web is one of those things. In this blog post, let’s work through one deceptively simple question:

What happens when you type “” into your web browser?

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